Three to be Tried in Temecula Stabbing Incident

Three people are set to stand trial following the stabbing of a man in an alley behind the E. T. Lounge in Temecula, California.  According to police reports, two groups of patrons started fighting inside the bar and were thrown out.  The stabbing victim was walking down an alley behind the bar when a vehicle stopped and the occupants attacked.

Temecula, California Crime Victim Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a crime in Temecula, California, contact a California Crime Victim Lawyer from Rist Law Offices to discuss your case.  Rist Law Offices works with crime victims to file civil suits against criminal defendants and negligent parties who failed to prevent or keep a crime from occurring.  Many crime victims do not know that they could potentially file a civil lawsuit against a property owner, security company, property management company, or other business who failed to take reasonable steps to protect a patron when they had knowledge of a danger.

For more information or to speak to a lawyer about your case, call us toll free at 866-982-5299.


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