Man Shot Inside Jordan Downs Housing Development in LA County

A man was shot inside of the Jordan Downs Housing Development in Watts, a Los Angeles County community.  According to a news report in the LA Times found here, the shooting occurred around 4:20 in the morning when he was met by an unknown black male and was shot several times.    Two people have previously been killed on the same block since 2007.  The City of Watts has had fifty homicides since 2007 according to another story found here.

Watts, California Shooting Victim Lawyer

When multiple crimes have occurred at a Los Angeles California housing development, a property owner has a duty to work to make the property safer.  Increased security, fencing, patrols, lighting, and other security measures can be used by to make an area safer.  However, many Los Angeles housing developments have poor security or simply ignore the immense problems inside of their properties.  Gang members are allowed to roam freely and take the lives of innocent victims.

If you or a loved one have been injured or you have lost a loved one in a Los Angeles County apartment complex shooting, contact a California Crime Victim Lawyer from Forman & Rist to discuss your case.  Forman & Rist handle apartment shooting cases throughout Los Angeles, including the community of Watts.  We work with crime victims and their families to hold a property owner accountable in a civil case.

For more information or to speak to a lawyer about your case, call us toll free at 866-982-5299.


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